• Since 1994 K.I. has experienced a 100% success rate in getting IRS nonprofit exemptions
  • The K.I. Foundation has formed more than 600 businesses and nonprofits, operating all over the globe, including 14 countries
  • K.I. has aided in securing millions to support communities all over the world
  • Through comprehensive grant writing workshops, Ms. Herring has trained thousands of individuals, churches, community- based organizations and more
  • Sherita J. Herring serves as a regular humanitarian consultant for celebrities, professional athletes and community leaders . . .


Kreative Images Foundation
Our Motto:  YAYOL - You Are Your Only Limitation
    K.I. Theme Song & Motto:  YAYOL - You Are Your Only Limitation!

K.I.’s Business 

1)  Community & Economic Development 

2)  For-profit/Nonprofit Business Strategies

3)  Grant Writing Workshops

4)  Nonprofit Development

5)  Corporate Governance

6)  Board Development

7)  Increased Revenue Strategies
Community Advocacy and more . . .

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