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Community Empowerment Workshop

Grants & Business Sustainability Conference



Hosted by New Jerusalem Cathedral

Facilitated by Sherita J. Herring, President

Kreative Images Foundation of Beverly Hills, CA
Open to the public, this comprehensive workshop is designed to engage Political Leaders,

Community Stakeholders and Municipalities, Churches, Nonprofits and Small Businesses,
Empty Nesters, Retirees, Environmentalists, Financial Planners, Educators,
Housing Developers, Workers-in-Transition, and others that wish to create jobs,
enhance business growth and empower communities.


Saturday, New Date to Be Determined

New Jerusalem Cathedral proudly presents best-selling author, radio personality and motivational speaker, Ms. Sherita J. Herring, Founder/President of the Kreative Images Foundation of Beverly Hills, CA.  

As a business consultant and community strategist, Sherita has aided in securing over $20 million in funding, while coaching and forming more than 600 businesses and nonprofits, operating all over the world (14+ countries).  

Aiding individuals across all spectrums and industries, i.e., from Academy Award winner Hilary Swank (pictured top left) and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Bootsy Collins, to an Ambassador for the U.N.  (Byron Blake); Sherita has either coached, provided consulting services or formed the nonprofit for political leaders, celebrities, renowned athletes etc.; including Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D), Mayor James Young (Philadelphia, MS), legendary actress Tippi Hedren, NFL Great Jim Brown, Producer/Actor Bill Duke, several comedians (Katt Williams, Michael Colyar, Kim Coles, Anthony Anderson, Eddie Griffin), and numerous others.

Come and hear why entrepreneurs, nonprofits and governments value her unique approach for creating multiple income streams from grant funding.
This comprehensive workshop will teach the following:
1) Learn how to effectively identify grants to fund profits for your passions, including horses, knitting, alternative energy, housing, photography, poetry, gardening and so much more.

2) Learn how churches can effectively collaborate within the community, while generating funding to establish services beyond their walls
3) Learn strategies to sustain your business, and/or effectively offer your skills and talents to enhance local programs, for business and community sustainability
4) Learn how nonprofits can benefit by collaborating with for-profit business
5) Learn how you can have a for-profit and a nonprofit business and more

Plus, learn the TRUTH about grants and nonprofits . . .  

1) TRUE – A nonprofit organization CAN make a profit
2) TRUE – The NFL is a nonprofit, though it generates over $9 billion a year in profits and makes roughly $250 million from the Super Bowl.
3) TRUE – The Nonprofit arena is a trillion dollar industry.
4) TRUE – There are "non-government" grants for green technology, lawyers, authors, energy healing, horse trainers, scientists, inventors, artists, childcare centers, teachers and more
5) TRUE – Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zukerberg, Ted Turner and 90+ billionaires give 50-90% of their wealth to the nonprofit arena annually (totaling over $900 billion per year,
6) TRUE – You can have both – a profit company and a nonprofit organization
7) TRUE – The nonprofit arena is the third largest business sector in the United States
8) TRUE – Profit companies can collaborate with nonprofit organizations
9) TRUE – There “is” start-up funding for new organizations (seed money)
and more . . .

Learn how to fund your future programs and ventures, while dispelling the myths you've believed before! ! !
Seating is limited!
Lunch and materials (electronic) will be provided

When: Saturday, (New date to be determined), 9:30a - 4:30p Eastern Time
New Jerusalem Cathedral
1822 Sharpe Rd. Greensboro, NC 27406
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Get Empowered for only $199

For more details contact:
Todd Rice, New Jerusalem Cathedral at (336) 370-8585.
Germaine Cortez, Kreative Images Foundation at (310) 601-3036, Find out more about Sherita J. Herring and the Kreative Images Foundation at