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Inaugurated on October 3, 2011, the Kreative Images Foundation (K.I.) has launched Grant Writers University (GWU), an on-line database of Grant Writers (the only resource of its kind).  Growing as new grant writers sign up, GWU will provide a list of writers that will aid organizations from the big city streets, from New York to LA -- to the ends of the earth, aiding the smallest of villages in indigenous countries. 

This vital directory is a 24/7 FREE resource, available to anyone needing a grant writer.

Why launch GWU?

Since 1994, The K.I. Foundation has received thousands of emails, calls, etc., with organizations seeking grant writers, or seeking grant writing assistance.  Because of the demand, we have launched the GWU resources, which includes the on-line directory, training for grant writers and more.  GWU will later incorporate the Grant Writers BLOG, and accredited programs for grant writing and nonprofit development.

  • The GWU directory is provided as a vital resource only.
  • GWU Affiliate Grant Writers are independent consultants and/or agencies that are not employees or contractors for the K.I. Foundation. 
  • The K.I. Foundation will not receive any revenue from the Affiliates contracts, nor are we responsible for their services.
Take the virtual tour  (on the left) of GWU and find out more about this unique, one-of-a-kind, business development and community sustainability resource.
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